Sublease Information & Guidelines
Residents are permitted to sublet their apartment to other eligible individuals with Fairmont PM approval.
The following information and suggestions will help you in subletting your apartment:

1. You must submit a written Request for Notice To Vacate to start the sublet process for your unit. Email/letter should contain:

    a. Name(s) on Lease
    b. Unit Address
    c. Requested Move-Out Date
    d. Reason for Moving
    e. Phone # & Email address
    f. Email to:, or Mail/Drop off at: Fairmont, 2927 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657.
    g. Fairmont cannot process any application(s) or sign any agreements until this Request for Notice to Vacate has been received and signed by ALL tenant(s) on current Lease.
    h. Once the Request for Notice to Vacate has been received and signed by ALL tenant(s), tenant is able to begin their attempt to Sublease the Apartment.

2. In order to sublease your apartment: it is your responsibility to advertise and show your apartment to interested prospects. No sublease will be approved if the intended prospect has not viewed the apartment in person (emailing pictures is not an acceptable form of showing the apartment). For your safety and security we recommend that you have someone with you when you are showing your apartment. Below are some helpful links / ideas to get you started:

3. When showing your apartment you must show the prospect(s) the Smoke/CO2 Detector(s) and test them to show they work.

4. Applications: Prospects simply contact us at #773-270-5489, or email us at with their Name & Email address. We will email them an Application link through our software system. They will be able to fill the Application out, and pay the $55.00 Application Fee online at the end of their Application. Please note:

    a. Each applicant (including co-signers) will be required to complete the application and pay the required $55.00 non-refundable application fee at the end of the application process.
    b. It will take approximately 3-5 business days for an application to be processed. Any application(s) submitted without the application fee will not be processed.
    c. You may only sublease to as many people as on your current lease. Maximum of two (2) pets allowed with completed Pet Addendum and Pet Fee(s) paid.

5. Do NOT assume that an application will result in a lease. Applicants frequently back out before leases are signed, or are not approved for the apartment for various reasons such as (but not limited to) credit or criminal screening.

6. If the Tenant(s) are approved for the Sub-Lease: All parties will be notified by Fairmont via email that your new Sub-Lease Agreement is ready for signatures in your Tenant Portal. You both will have (2) two days to review, sign, and return back to Fairmont for countersigning, with any additional monies owed by the deadline stated on the email.

7. Remember that a sublease does not terminate your legal or financial responsibility to the lease or the apartment. The intended sublease will become your subtenant; you are still liable for the apartment until the lease expires. You must let your prospect know that the apartment is subleased “as-is,” no major work will be done such as painting, floor vanishing, etc. We understand that every situation is unique; if you have any concerns or questions about subleasing your apartment do not hesitate to contact our office to receive additional information or assistance.