Frequently Asked Questions provide handy links for residents, as well as move in/move out details.

When is rent due, and do you have a ‘grace period’ to pay it?

Rent payments are due on the (1st) day of the month, with a ‘grace period’ to 12:00am (Midnight) of the (5th) day of the month.

How do you calculate late fees?

Per the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) Section 5-12-140(h): Late fees are assessed at $10.00 for the first $500.00 of rent, plus 5% for any amount above $500.00. Late Fees are automatically applied to your account after midnight of the (5th) day of the month.

How can I pay my rent?

Residents pay Rents/Fees/Charges thru their secure online Tenant Portal: Log in from our website, & select payment method:
Online via ACH/eCheck (Free) – and you can also set it up for recurring payments so that you will not be late with your rent!
Online via Credit/Debit Card (Convenience fee applies – based on your Rent charge).
Cash will not be accepted. Checks may be mailed/dropped at our office. NOTE: If paying by check, Fairmont PM will only accept (1) one rent check from each unit; roommates must consolidate multiple checks. Make checks payable to “2341 Janssen Partnership”, and you must include your building address and apartment number on your check. Send/drop check at Fairmont Property Management, 2927 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60657.

What happens if a check is returned NSF or payment does not go through?

A charge of $35.00 will be applied to Tenant’s account for every returned payment, plus the amount of any fees charged to the Owner/Agent by any financial institution as a result of the payment not being honored, plus any applicable late fee charges.
This fee is not negotiable and must be paid immediately.

How many people can we have in our unit?

Fairmont Property Management, Inc. (FPM) rents are based on occupancy for the apartment. Rents in all advertisements are based on occupancy of:

  1. One to two people for a studio or one bedroom apartment
  2. Two people for a two bedroom apartment
  3. Three people for a three bedroom apartment
  4. Four people for a four bedroom apartment

FPM does not limit occupancy to parties of this size for each apartment (though there are City of Chicago Ordinance restrictions). However, if parties numbering more than what the rent was based on, the rent will be increased by $300.00 for each additional occupant beyond the number of occupants the rent was based on. This increase is to help cover the additional wear and tear, along with the increased utility usage on the unit and building. FPM does reserve the right to refuse parties of such a size that it would be too much of an impact on the unit and create too high of a risk to allow other occupants of the building the quiet and peaceful enjoyment they are entitled to per their apartment lease.

Am I allowed to have pets?

Cats, Birds, and Fish are permitted in the majority of Fairmont Property Management Buildings; Dogs are only permitted at certain properties (Restrictions apply). Max (2) two Pets per Unit. ALL pets require a Pet Addendum (that include copies of your Pet’s License (Dogs), Vaccinations & Spay/Neutering (Dogs & Cats) for review and approval before you bring a new animal into your apartment, and the Annual Non-Refundable Pet Fee must also be paid. Please review Fairmont’s Pet Policy.

How do I protect my personal property?

Tenants must provide proof of valid Rental Insurance to Fairmont Property Management (FPM) at the time of possession of the Unit (or before), and at each Lease Renewal. Effective dates must match the Lease. FPM does not cover your personal property, so purchasing renter’s insurance is the best way to protect yourself when renting an apartment. Please contact your own insurance broker, or for more information the following sites may be helpful:

All State:
State Farm:
Liberty Mutual:

How do I renew my lease?

Lease extension offers are sent through your Tenant Portal approximately 90 days prior to your lease expiration date. There will be instructions to follow in order to accept our offer to renew your lease, or to inform Fairmont Property Management (FPM) that you are moving. You need to inform FPM if you plan to renew no later than 60 days prior to your lease expiration date. If you do not, FPM will assume that you are moving and all applicable lease provisions will apply. We’ll begin marketing and showing your apartment 60 days prior to your lease expiration date. If you do not receive a lease extension, please contact us.

How do I replace or add a roommate to my lease?

Your new roommate must fill out our application, pay the fee, and be approved under our screening criteria to reside in your apartment. Applications must be completed & paid for online through our website, and you must notify us to start this process. There is a $55.00 application fee per person. Once the new roommate has been approved they will also need to pay our standard Administrative Fee of $325.00 per person, plus any applicable fees and addendums to add pets, etc. will apply and be due at the time the roommate is added.

What do I do if I need to sublet my apartment?

If you need to sublet your apartment, please review Fairmont’s Sublease Information and Guidelines.

How can I set up my utilities?

Please refer to your Lease to determine the Utilities you need to set up for your apartment. Give the utility company a ‘transfer/turn-on’ date of the 1st day of your Lease. We recommend you do this at least two weeks before you move-in to ensure that your service will transition smoothly from the shut-off of the last Tenant’s service, and the start-up of your service. Landlord does not provide any Electric, Cable, Internet, or Phone services.
ComEd (Electricity): #800-334-7661
People’s Gas (Heating/Cooking): #866-556-6001

How can I submit a maintenance request?

You submit your Maintenance Request directly through your Tenant Portal. You may also contact our office at #773-270-5489 to submit a request manually. Non-Emergency maintenance calls received during non-business hours will not be entered into our system until our office opens the next business day. For Emergencies: Call 911, then contact us.

What if I get locked out of my apartment?

If you are locked out of your apartment, Fairmont will do their best to get you back in your apartment during business hours (M – F: 9:00am to 5:00pm), and a charge may apply based on the terms of your lease. If you are locked-out during the weekend or at nighttime, as per your lease agreement it will be your responsibility to contact a locksmith. Any cost incurred because of lockouts shall be your responsibility. Below is a list of local area Locksmiths that may be helpful:
Amazing Lock Service: #773-935-8900
Dexter Lock Service: #773-935-0008
Quick Key Locksmith: #877-787-3399
Security Shop, Inc.: #773-525-6705
Windy City Locksmith: #773-242-7349

Who provides Cable TV, Internet, or Phone services in Chicago?

Comcast/Xfinity, RCN, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T are (5) Cable/Internet/Phone providers in Chicago. (We have an advertising agreement with Comcast, but you can choose your own provider.)

What are my Parking Options?

Most Chicago neighborhoods have zoned permit parking; without proper permits you may receive a parking ticket. Purchase these permits/guest passes online thru the City of Chicago’s Clerks Office; or at your Alderman’s office, Currency Exchanges, or City Hall. Some Fairmont Property Management properties require a parking sticker which we provide at move in/upon resident request. More Chicago parking information/potential parking options available online:
Purchase Permits Online:
Find Your Alderman:
Permit Zone Lookup: – parking_permit_zonelookup
Parking Spots:
Parking Spots:
Parking Spots:

What about parking meters?

Chicago parking meter info and to get app to pay the parking meter via your cell phone:

What about public transportation?

Chicago has the oldest (and one of the top!), public transportation systems in the nation; and there are many stops located all around our buildings. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) covers buses & the ‘L’, and Metra Rail handles the commuter trains; and BOTH use the Ventra Card System to pay fares. Pick up your Ventra Card at any station kiosk, or from one of many retail stores that offer Ventra Cards for sale, or online. ‘Refill’ your card online, from your cell phone, or at many retail stores.
Ventra Card Retailers:
Ventra Chicago:
Metra Rail:

How do I return my keys when my lease is over?

All keys to the apartment, building, and mailbox (including any copies made) can be turned in at your scheduled Final Move-Out Inspection if the apartment is completely vacant and you will no longer need access. If not, then you will be responsible to drop off the keys to the Fairmont Property Management office at 2927 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 by 12:00pm (Noon) of the last day of your Lease, otherwise charges will be incurred. There is a $15.00 charge per key PER DAY for un-returned keys.

How do I forward my mail when I move in or move out?

You must change your address with the USPS before you move: LANDLORD CANNOT HOLD OR FORWARD YOUR MAIL. Forward in person at your local USPS office; online at, or call #1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Fairmont Property Management will not give out any tenant information for mail retrieving purposes.

Do you offer referral incentives?

Fairmont Property Management appreciates your kind referrals. If you are a current tenant and refer a new resident to FPM, you may be eligible to receive a $400.00 referral bonus. The resident you refer must list you as the referring party on their application, sign a year lease, move-in and have a balance of $0.00. Most referral checks or rent credits can be mailed out or applied to your account after the resident has lived in our building for 45 to 60 days. Please note FPM does not pay a referral fee for sublets or if you change a roommate. For more information see Fairmont’s Referral Incentives.